remembering katherine pierce week | day 4 - favorite katherine hallucination (dream): Elena has hallucinations of Katherine

"I made a mistake. I can do better." 
No, you can’t. You’re a vampire. You’ll kill again, it’ll change you and it’ll keep changing you until you’re just like me.

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steferine + face touching

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Remembering Katherine Pierce Week

Day 3: Favorite BAMF moment(s)

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               Katherine + Stefan

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#this gifset kills me like you can see the pain in her eyes at the possibility of her to lose Damon, someone she “never loved” but I know she did, passionately.

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Day 4: Favourite Katherine Hallucination (Dream)
"This was the worst day of my life. He said it was my fault, that I deserved everything bad that’s ever happened to me. He’s right. He was right, Stefan. I don’t deserve to be loved."

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"Katherine as a ghost watching Elijah" requested by Anon

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