I tried don’t know why I even did. it’s clear it doesn’t matter.

katherine pierce + traits

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♰ ♕ ♰ —
        ❝Good to know, Katherine.

                 ⊰ ; ♕ ——

          Although I’m sure you remember every inch of my body just fine.

                                  In fact I’m willing to bet it still haunts your dreams.

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                                   ⊰ ; ♕ ——

                          If you wanted to see my naked all you had to do was ask.

I’m here for a minute trying to see if I can summon a muse. if anyone wants to do a small thing let me know.

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Datherine AU: I made selfish decisions all my life. Let me do the rignt thing for once. I’m dying of old age. The cure did something to speed up the process. You spent over a century searching for me. Don’t waste another minute on me. It’s your turn to live.

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Send my muse “I am in love with you— there, I said it” for their reaction.

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