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׺°”˜`”°º× ¢σмє нσмє || ∂αтнєяιиє ×º°”˜`”°º×

                                             ¢σмє нσмє
                             ¢αυѕє ι’νє вєєη ωαιтιηg ƒσя уσυ
                                           ƒσя ѕσ ℓσηg
                    тнє ƒιgнт ƒσя уσυ ιѕ αℓℓ ι’νє єνєя кησωη
                                          ѕσ ¢σмє нσмє


    The plan was set, her new plan. Katherine Pierce was going to fake her death and leave her beloved Salvatore brothers behind. Klaus was back on her heels, and she had recieved fair warning. She couldn’t afford to bring Stefan nor Damn with her, and especially not both of them. It wasn’t the life she wanted or had been planning but it was necessary. Necessary for her survival as much as theirs. But mostly her’s.

   She had every aspect perfectly in place, however, Giuseppe Salvatore, had been the one to get a surprising upper hand on her. He had used his youngest son, Stefan and his love for her, to do his dirty to work. To poison Katherine with vervain that he had laced Stefan’s blood with. Of all the people she thought would ruin her perfect plan Mister Salvatore was the least of he worries. Arrogance that’s what got her into this mess.

     Tied up and muzzled, weak from the vervain and still she wasn’t worried. Katherine knew that George Lockwood would be there waiting to get her out of the tomb. So what if how she got there wasn’t exactly like she planned? The point was she was going to the church, where the foolish townspeople thought they were killing every vampire in Mystic Falls. Oh how wrong they were.  

     The last memory before George’s betrayal was of Damon. Damon dying to be more exact. She should of known he would of risked his own life to save her. That’s why he wasn’t suppose to be there when she got captured because that’s exactly what he did.


    That cracking sound would forever ring in her ears, it awoken her from any pain she was truly in at that moment, and then she saw it, Damon’s human body falling to the cold ground next to her. Her mouth opened with a sudden gasp in complete and total shock. No, No, No this wasn’t how it was suppose to be! This wasn’t how he was suppose to turn. Without her. He wasn’t suppose to die at all! Katherine didn’t expect to feel what she did at that moment seeing Damon dying in front of her eyes and not being able to do anything about it. Shock, loss, fear all clear cut emotions.

      The one thing she was trying to protect him from by doing this, happened to him anyway. However, she knew he would be taken cared of. Emily would see to it. Make sure he turned so that perhaps one day they would meet again.


One hundred and forty five years, she had been in this God forsaken tomb. The first century was hell on earth. The pain was excruciating, indescribable. The pain alone made her wish she was actually dead; and for a woman that spent her whole life making sure that didn’t happen, betraying, manipulating, doing whatever it took to ensure her survival…that was a big statement. 

     Her body slowly desiccating. literally starving to death. Feeling every muscle, nerve, organ, slowly stop working. Dying from the inside out, — except she wasn’t actually dying. Instead she was becoming a mummy. Just a shell of her actual existence.

     It was ironic really all the people she betrayed and in the end she got exactly what was coming to her for over two centuries.

     However, through all the pain, and now the hallow numbness Katherine had a lot of time to think, plot, plan and she swore to herself if she ever got out of here, she would wreak havoc in Mystic Falls. Take revenge on everyone and everything that even had the smallest hand in betraying her.

    Enjoy your life while you can because my face will be the last you will ever see.

"Which one will it be?"

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"Are you breaking up with me?"
"Are you having nightmares again?"
"Anything you want to say?"
"Apparently, I need to grow a mustache."
"Balloons? Really?"
"Be quiet!"
"But what if we get caught?"
"Can you not?"
"Care to tell me what’s going on?"
"Come find me."
"Did you even love me?"
"Did you ever stop to think about how I feel?"
"Don’t look at me like that."
"Don’t touch me."
"Do you love him/her?"
"Do you love me?"
"Everyone leaves."
"Eviction notice. It’s an eviction notice." 
"Fine, I’ll go."
"Fight me for it."
"Fuck it."
"Get away from me."
"How high are you?"
"How did you get here?"
"I bought a goat."
"If what we had was real, how could you be fine?"
"I get that you wanted to come up with the plan, but your plan is stupid."
"I hate you."
"I’ll bet you a dollar."
"I said that I’m in love with you."
"I think I’m pregnant."
"I’m going to kill you."
"I’m not eating that."
"Is that a chicken?"
"It’s not that I think your cooking is bad! It’s just … Not that good."
"Jokes on me, huh?"
"Just friends?"
"Just let me go."
"Just tell me the truth!" 
"Kiss me."
"Kicking someone is not a form of romance."
"Let me explain."
"Listen, it was a completely innocent gesture."
"Maybe you should go."
"Maybe fuck you will be our always."
"May need you to bail me out of jail."
"Miss you."
"No. The answer is no."
"Not drunk enough for this."
"Never, ever doing that again."
"Okay, I know this looks bad…"
"Please don’t."
"Please stop talking."
"Personally, I’d rather make out with a cactus."
"Quick, I need you to bring me a bottle of bleach."
"Quiet! Someone’s going to hear."
"Quit being annoying."
"Really, where were you?"
"Right. Of course it’s my fault."
"Silly of me to think you actually cared."
"Simple? Brushing my teeth is simple. This? This is not simple."
"So… How’s the weather?"
"Tell me you didn’t steal someones dog."
"There’s something wrong with you."
"This definitely isn’t what it looks like."
"Us? There is no us."
"Unable to process the stupidity of what you just said. Sorry."
"Unfortunately, she/he said no." 
"Very cute."
"We can’t do this."
"Was it just a lie?"
"Wait, what did you just say?"
"Wait! Hold on!" 
"Who the hell is passed out in the driveway?"
"What the hell?"
"Why are you naked?"
"Why is there silly string everywhere?"
"Why is there a frozen turkey in the bathtub?" 
"Without you, I’m lost."
"X-Rays? What the hell did you do and why didn’t you tell me?"
"You broke up with me. There’s nothing left between us anymore."
"You’re leaving? But it’s taco night…"
"Zebras have nothing to do with this conversation."
"Zelda is more important right now." 

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"My family is no more and I have come to accept that. Rebekah is gone and Klaus is beyond redemption. All I have is you."

 Katherine wanted to believe him more then anything, but she knew how important family, loyalty where to him. She arched a brow in confusion, taking a step back from him, in order to keep her head clear.

                              ⊰ ; ♕ ——  “What happened Elijah?                                                                                                      This isn’t you.                                                                                               Since when has Klaus ever done                                                                         anything, that you couldn’t forgive him for?”                                                        

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•———» кαтнεяιηε ριεяcε sεмι cαηση ιη∂ερεη∂εηт яσℓερℓαү вℓσg «———•

                       ɳƐሁƐƦ ሠαᔑ α ġὶƦℓ ——-

                                                     {ሠὶተ♄ α ሠὶᏨӄƐԃ ጦὶɳԃ.}

Brief Description of where canon ends: Due to the nature of my main verse everything has happened in canon up to where Damon kills Katherine, and feeds her to Silas. Everything after that is my own. Meaning Katherine never took over Elena’s body, she is not a traveler, and still has not met her daughter. Although I am open to that. So if there are any Nadia’s out there come to my ask and we can always talk about a storyline. My main verses also takes place years into the future, how many about is still under discussion. So Katherine has been human for quite some time slowing down the aging process, but still can’t find a way to become a vampire once again.

♔ Role playing on tumblr for almost two years.

♔ Writing short stories and role playing in general for over ten years

♔ Multi-verse, Multi- shipping, but does limit how many of each canon character I rp with only because it tends to become repetitive.

♔ Mun is 25+ only rps NSFW (not just in the sex context) so all rp partners have to be of legal age.

♔ Prefers para/novella roleplaying. Gif convos are usually done to see if we have chemistry as writers or for basic fun.

♔ Ships Katherine with chemistry.

♔ Will role play with other fandoms as long as I know enough about it.

♔ Not only a rp blog but ask blog. Katherine loves to get questions.

♔ Skype & KIK available upon request for role playing and or plotting

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You’re officially stuck with me now. GOOD LUCK! And the official kol to my kat! <3

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