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{Damon saw her speechless form, biting down on his lip as he watched her for a moment. He sighed and walked around and over to her, brushing her hair back behind her ears, though he paused upon hearing about Caroline.}

                    Wait, you spoke to her? What did you talk about?

               We’re going to have to go through everything in the office…

(Katherine leaned into his touch or tried to before he stopped, as soon as she mentioned Caroline’s name. Shaking her head she looked away from him, although she made no attempt to put any space between them either.)

⊰ ;  Yes I spoke to her.

                — I went into your office to leave some paper work on your desk

                                                                 and ….

                                                                                             There she was.

(Pausing for a moment the brunette let out an annoyed huff before continuing.)

                         I asked her what she needed and she claimed that she wanted to surprise you for lunch. — It was the day you had lunch with all the partners.  I accused her of checking up on you, she said things about my marriage and then she left.  Simple as that.


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Shower Meme

[ That damn-the-devil smirk.
  Even with sex-sated eyes
  it was bound to infuriate. ]

  “Only if I am to replace the wardrobe of yours I’ve destroyed.”

[ He should do that eventually. ]


[She rolled her eyes at him, before they quickly looked over his wet body. Catching herself, her bitch demeanor came back into play with sex hair and all. Chocolate brown eyes looking back into his own hues.]

"Just give me your gold card and I’ll take care of the rest.

                                        Now get out.”

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๓ยรเς t๏ ๓א єคгร {๔ค๓๏ภ & кคt}

{There were moments like such when he could be so close to her, and want nothing more. It was not that he held no desire for her or her body, but that all he truly wanted anymore was to be with her. He enjoyed being close to her, being able to share such love even through proximity. He always desired her, but he truly was happy and content to be close to her, hold her, love her in even the simplest of ways.}

        “Look at me.

                                               ——I think about you every second of the day. The moment I wake up to when I go to sleep. Talking to Caroline is like pushing on glass. I never know when I’m going to break her and yes, she’s very clearly stated to me that she does desire sex and affection, it always ends up in a fight and the mere thought of being that way with anyone but you feels wrong. I love you. When we both go home tonight, your touch, your kiss, they’ll linger. They’ll be what keeps me getting up tomorrow morning, because I know that I’ll get to see you again. You’re what I look forward to.”

(Katherine did what he asked, she looked at him, not saying anything and not moving further away. She stayed still against him. Their chest rising and falling in unison as she awaited what he was going to say.

And what he said was everything she was hoping to hear, music to her ears so to speak. She knew he wasn’t lying that he meant everything he said. She felt happy, relived, and more in love with him then before, if that was even possible. The guilt was still in the pit of her stomach but she knew it would be worth it in the end. That he would be worth it. This wasn’t some fly by night romance, a trashy affair. This was two people who had found each other, who belonged together. But the tragedy of it all was they were a victim of their circumstances.)

                                “God, I love you.

(The words came out of her mouth, desperate but filled with adoration, and passion.)

                                  Thank you.”

(Then her lips were on his, soft, slow, and sensual.)

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Katherine Pierce, don’t you dare think like that. I wasn’t going to tell Caroline and I only opened it today. I like that I’m behind because it means that I’ve been spending more time with you

                                         ——like I promised.

             I enjoy our moments together and you know this. Just take a breath, okay?

(She was speechless for the moment. She knew she was being irrational, irrationally jealous. But when it came to Damon Salvatore she couldn’t help it and it had only gotten worse since her run in with his wife in his office.)

⊰ ; Did I tell you she was here? That I caught her in your office, our office. That we exchanged 'pleasantries'?

How do you think you’re going to keep this from her?

                                                           It’s obvious she’s getting suspicious.

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Katherine, I was with you last week. A few days ago when you snuck into my office and blew me while I was on the phone? That was him. I’m behind on my work. Weeks, actually. I just opened the invitation today, Relax. 

⊰ ; You know what its fine. Take me don’t take me, it doesn’t matter. Obviously I’ve been more of a distraction to you lately then a model employee. So I’ll go back to work and 'relax' and you ……

                                             —- you can get all dressed up and take your wife.

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⊰ ; —Mind getting out of my light. Hasn’t anyone ever told you its rude to hover?

My Muse Forgot To Lock The Door And Yours Walks In On Mine In The Shower. How Does Yours React?


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